The Organizational Fixer, LLC

Our Mission

Transforming Organizations Through:

  • Leadership Development

  • People Competitiveness

  • Systems and Processes Excellence

Our Approach

The Difference Maker:

  • We will not ask YOUR organization to use a generic, pre-set template to enhance its business operations.

  • We employ a proprietary Organizational Improvement Customization Process (OICP) to assess YOUR organizational strengths and weaknesses.

  • We develop specific recommendations and suggestions to transform YOUR organization.

Our Expert “Organizational Fixers”

Debbie W. Ridley, Ph.D., President and CEO

  • Organizational Behavioral Scientist

  • Ph.D. (Organizational Leadership)

  • Change Expert (Dissertation subject matter:  Development of Leadership Competencies for Leaders of Organization Change)

  • More than 25 years of experience advising and coaching senior executives, including agency heads, presidential and political appointees

  • Created, designed, and developed products and processes to transform organizations

  • Areas of Expertise:  Change Leadership, Organization Culture Change, Leadership Development, Organization Development, Business Process Improvement, Human Resources, Employee Competitiveness, Training (strategy, development, delivery), Diversity Management, Equal Employment Opportunity, & Facilitation

  • Motivational Speaker and Guest Trainer for Special Events

  • Author, forthcoming book – “Speaking Truth to Power:  Why You Suck as a Leader and Your Organization is Failing”

Michael Cassidy, Ph.D., Social/Behavioral Scientist

  • Areas of Expertise:  Business Analysis, Research Methods, Statistics, Decision Analysis

  • Professor Emeritus, Marymount University

  • Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in:  business analysis, research methods, statistics, decision analysis, management, organizational analysis, epistemology, process analysis, program evaluation, simulation modeling, industrial & organizational psychology, learning theory, film production, and photography

  • Principal, Organizational Improvement Systems, LLC

  • Consulted extensively in private and public sectors, and conducted research in disciplines such as sociology, forensic psychology, engineering, management, measurement, criminology, and training

  • Formerly, Co-Editor of Performance Improvement Quarterly, a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal encompassing theoretical and empirically rigorous investigations pertaining to human performance improvement at the individual, group, and organizational levels

  • Extensively published; currently writing:  Profiles in Mismanagement, a satirical look at poor, and good, management practices